S.F.S. High School, Shanthinagar, Secunderabad is run by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (also known as the MSFS / Fransalians) Rev. Fr. Philip Parackal, MSFS, started the K.G. Classes in June 1976 in a shed which gradually developed into the present S.F.S. High School, Shanthinagar, Secunderabad. It follows co-education and at present it has an effective strength of 1300 students.

A school plan was prepared by Bro. Jacob Vattachira, MSFS and the construction work was supervised by Fr. Mathew Thudian, MSFS. The school building was blessed on 2nd January 1979 by Rev. Fr. Emile Mayoraz, then Superior General of the Congregation on his Visit to the Province. The second floor of the school as well as the prayer hall (1988) now using for KG classes, were built by Fr. Mathew Mundamattam. The elevated stage, computer room and a small multipurpose hall at the main school building was constructed by Rev. Fr. Sesetty Mariadas ( 2002). SFS Hall on KG section was supervised by the present local community (Fr. Inna reddy, Fr. Sunder rao and Fr. Bhaskar. Further developments were made by the subsequent principals in the course of time. As a result the school has a very spacious playground for various sports and games with a homely, beautiful and enviable campus among the schools in the twin cities.

Principals:Rev. Fr. Philip Parackal (1976-79) was the founder and manager. Late Bro. Joseph Kallampally was the first Principal (1979-1984). He was followed by Frs. Jose Edasserry (1984-1986); Joseph Pulickal (1986-1988); George Kottam (1988-1990); Simon Paicatt (1990-1993); John Vadakamparambil (1993-1997); Sesetty Mariadas (1997-2004) ; Jose Marie Thekkekutte (2004 - 2006); S. Jerry Louis (2006 - 2007) and Fr. P. Inna Reddy (2007)

Correspondents: Fr. Philip Parackal (Founder 1976-79); Fr. Alexander Kottam (1979-82); Fr. Mathew Mundamattam (1982-89); Fr. Philip Parackal ( 1989-1995); Fr. Jose Cheriyath (1995-2000); Fr. George Pakumala (2001-2004); Fr. Francis Stephen (2004-05); Fr. Thumma Mariadas (2005-06); Fr. Raphael Karakal (2006-07); Fr. Mathew Kalapurakkal (2007-2009); Fr. Ganji Bala Joji Reddy (2009-2010); Fr. Bala Sunder Rao (2010).

Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy as Collaborators are assisting in the running of the School and Church. It is from 1994 they have been rendering their services. We, the Fransalians express our heartfelt thanks to them for their dedicated cooperation in contributing their best in our pastoral and educational ministry in this locality. At present three sisters render their services one in the school and two in parish.

Special/ Innovative Ministries: Apart from Parish ministry and Education Ministry, few community development programmes to are going on like Tailoring and Embroidery; and Fabric Painting. These are 3 months Govt. certificate courses. These are the Programmes of Human Recourse Development Initiatives undertaken by Govt. Polytechnic and Printing School.

As a Catholic School, we are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children from the earliest stages but also for the formation of character. We inculcate in them sound moral principles, so that they grow up as good children of God and responsible citizens of our country.